Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where I live...

It has been a long time between posts this year. It's mainly because I'm living more and huddled over my computer less.

I've also been away a lot more this year. This weekend will be my fourth trip to Thailand since August. I feel a bit ungrateful when I think that I'm tired of flying there. Fate will bite me in the butt if I ever complain about tropical beaches.

So, I won't moan about having to go away, but it is a delight to stay home. I love running along the paths and trails of Lamma and checking out the small farms with tomatoes already ripening. I love running under the full moon listening to the cicadas holler now that the nights have gotten warm. I love hanging in one of the four hammocks on the roof and watching the lunar eclipse sneak across the sky. I love that it's already warm enough to tan.

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Scott said...

By some quirk of fate, the first day I see your blog is the first day you wrote for some time.
Scott S.