Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The crowd gathers...

On the commute home, I have a 40 minute wait between the school bus arriving at the ferry pier and the next ferry leaving. I consistently miss the previous ferry by four minutes. So I pick up some groceries, wander through Mango and Zara or, frequently just sit and wait. I look out at the view that's on the header of this blog and watch the ships go by while Kestrel plays on some railings.
One day, as we walked over, we saw one of the fishermen with a long pole bent over. A crowd gathered almost immediately as he fought his fish. When fish hit pavement, everyone applauded. Since it's Hong Kong, lots of people whipped out cameras and starting taking pictures of the fish.Kestrel borrowed my camera and wormed her way into the crowd to get close. These are her pictures.